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I have a mountain bike to get me outside, which is handy for a nerd from the countryside. Otherwise you might find me on some new hobby project, playing the occasional game, or looking for a good film. I've got a few old books and a few new ones, but not enough. Your cat or dog will love me, definitely.. but if they don't then I can try to serenade it with guitar covers.

I've been a software engineer for a number of years now. I am essentially a full stack Windows application developer. Whilst this work has been mostly UI/UX and graphics related, I've also worked with consumer C/C++ and C# plugin APIs, and multiple consumer scripting/macro environments. I have also been a scrum master for a number of years, and helped peice together solutions to the problems faced by a quickly growing software company. I've done some cool greenfield work and seen it in production and I've fixed bugs that were near my age.

I studied at what is now the University of South Wales, graduating with honours and with BCS accreditation after completing a dissertion for a local industry partner.

When I'm not working I'm usually trying to learn something new. But it's usually in the context of building something for my theoretical game engine.